Utah Master Naturalist Program


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    Utah Master Naturalist Program

    Utah Master NaturalistExplore and learn to conserve Utah's beautiful natural ecosystems!

    Master Naturalist Watersheds ClassWhat is the Utah Master Naturalist Program?

    The Utah Master Naturalist Program consists of three 40-hour courses that focus on exploring, learning about, and conserving Utah's beautiful natural ecosystems. The majority of each course is spent outdoors, and class size is small to maximize learning and fun!

    This program is a certification program developed by Utah State University Extension with the partnership of more than 25 other organizations in Utah (including the Swaner Preserve and EcoCenter).  

    Course descriptions:

    From high alpine lakes and streams, we explore these systems and learn about how they function, the plants and animals that live there, and how they are managed.

    Each Watersheds class emphasizes experiencing and learning about rivers, streams, wetlands, lakes, and Great Salt Lake, as well as how they interact within a local watershed.

    Environments with low precipitation resulting in arid or semi-arid deserts, relatively high elevation, and climatic extremes including hot summers and/or cold winters leads to the plants and animals possessing extreme adaptations for survival.

    During a Deserts class, we might spend time exploring the sagebrush and pinyon-juniper communities of the foothills, identifying wildflowers of the Great Basin, or spending a few days immersed in the geology, history, and ecology of the Moab area.

    Mountains classes usually take place in the months of July and August so that we are likely to hit the peak of wildflowers and agreeable weather.  Throughout the class, we study the climate, geology, plant communities, and wildlife as we climb higher in elevation.  We also explore the rich history in mining, grazing, National Forests, and recreation of Utah's mountains.

    To learn more about this program, visit the Utah Master Naturalist website or contact utahmasternaturalist@usu.edu.