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    Summer Camps

    Summer Camp 2021

    Registration opening dates:

    Sandhill Society members Monday, March 22nd at 9 AM
    Swaner Family-level members Wednesday, March 24th at 9 AM
    General public Wednesday, March 31st at 9 AM


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    Important Notes

    COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

    A new Utah law, HB 1007, prohibits a face covering requirement in higher education and public education systems.  Because the Swaner Preserve & EcoCenter is a part of Utah State University, we are not able to require face masks during summer camp programs.  Masks are still strongly recommended for all indoor activities (per CDC guidance).

    Swaner Preserve and EcoCenter’s educational camp programs will inspire and fascinate your child through exploration and discovery about the natural world.  Swaner offers summer camps for rising Kindergarten through 8th grade students.  Campers should be enrolled based on what grade they will enter in Fall 2021.

    Swaner strives to keep summer camp opportunities accessible to anyone who is interested in participating, and works hard to keep prices affordable and to provide financial aid to youth with financial need.  See below for financial aid information.  

    Counselor In addition to providing camps for K-8th graders, Swaner also provides leadership opportunities for teens entering 9th through 12th grades. Swaner is looking for enthusiastic, motivated, fun teens to help with summer camps. For more information on how to become a high school camp counselor, click here.


    Super Sampler Come ready for exploration!  In this camp, we’ll spend time both inside and out exploring the wetlands of the Swaner Preserve.  Campers will try their hand at catching frogs and bugs, learn about the many mammals that call the Preserve home, and create some fun crafts to take home!  
    MiniMovers Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure Science”—Edwin Powell Hubble
    In this sensational session, we’ll take Mr. Hubble’s words to heart and put our senses to the test to discover the natural world! Campers will touch, taste, smell, look, and listen their way to discovering more about the science of nature!
    Mud Masterpieces Prepare to dig into what’s underground!  We’ll explore roots, worms, and mud in this hands-on and exciting session! We’ll leave no stone unturned as we examine what happens underneath our feet.
    Rhythms of Nature Patterns are everywhere in nature when you take a closer look! Campers will shake things up with musical instruments made from natural materials, investigate life cycles, observe swirls in nature, and waggle away in a bee dance. 

    Insects of our Environment

    You’ve searched high, you’ve searched low, and you’ve finally found it—the best summer camp for aspiring outdoor explorers!  Join us for this fun session to explore the Swaner Preserve.  Campers will visit the frog ponds, take a dip in the stream, and learn all about nature through hands-on experiences.

    Outdoor Exploration It all boils down to this – this camp is for curious scientists who like to experiment! Campers will engage in scientific and engineering processes as they explore natural phenomena around them. Figure out how storms form, experiment with light and shadows, create your own sound machine, and more!   
    Creature Feature Whale hello there!  Are you an aspiring animal expert?  Then paws what you’re doing and read this camp description, because it’s meant just for you!  Through hands-on activities and special guest visitors, we will meet some of our regional residents and learn more about how they make their homes on the Preserve.  It’s shore to be turtley awesome!
    Wild Sprouts Looking to grow your plant knowledge? This camp will have your aspiring botanist digging in the dirt for discoveries! Campers will explore the difference between a root and shoot, how to use edible parts of a plant to create a healthy snack, and even try their hand at planting. Don’t be alarmed when your camper returns home with a green thumb!  
    Nature Scene Investigators Be sure to pack your magnifying glass for this one!  Campers will explore the mysteries of the natural world and learn how to interpret signs that tell us what animals have been up to. Dissect owl pellets, identify animal tracks, and create your own detective kit for home investigation.  This camp is perfect for any explorer who wants to learn more about the clues nature leaves behind.
    Nature's Fury When disaster prepared!  Discover the science behind many of nature’s strongest forces.  From earthquakes to floods, avalanches to forest fires, campers will investigate and experiment to learn more about natural disasters and how to best prepare for them.
    Insect Invasion This camp will have you totally buggin’! Step into the shoes of our six-legged friends as we investigate insect life cycles, build bug habitats, and discover what insects live on the Preserve. Your camper is sure to flutter away from this camp as a bug lover!
    Creatures of the Night Nocturnal creatures may own the night, but they’re also taking over the day in this camp!  Bats, owls, skunks, and coyotes are just some of the animals on the Preserve that are most active at night.  Campers will investigate how animals navigate the nighttime world, the benefits of staying up late, and more.  Make sure you don’t hit snooze on registering—this camp is sure to fill quickly! 
    WetlandWarriors Prepare to get your feet wet as we explore rivers, ponds, and the wetland habitat found on the Swaner Preserve.  Campers will search for frogs, investigate aquatic invertebrates, try their hand at building their own beaver dams, and more in this outdoor-focused camp.  Things are sure to get a little wet and wild!
    Nature's Builders Build up your appreciation for how things are made in the natural world!  Campers will look to nature as inspiration to create innovative solutions to environmental problems. Take note from our beavers to create your own dam, use recyclable materials to design a trap for an invasive species, and learn how biomimicry has shaped current technology! 
    Wildly Prepared This is “knot” your average survival camp! Campers will explore the Preserve to learn and practice skills that are useful to anyone who loves the great outdoors. From foraging to fire building, navigation to knots, and shelters to scat ID, your camper will become the ultimate survival guide in your next adventure.
    Budding Birders (Bird) calling all budding ornithologists!  From hawks to owls, chickadees to robins, get ready to discover some of the finely feathered friends that call the Preserve home.  Campers will learn to use binoculars, make their own bird guide, and test their ears to see if they can identify birds by sound alone.  This camp is sure to help your young birder fledge into a future ornithologist.
    Swaner Scientists Looking to slow down and reconnect with nature? It’s time to ditch the Switch and grasp a magnifying glass! In this camp, we will focus on looking closer at the world around us. Using a nature journal to record our questions and observations, campers will engage in plant identification, wildlife behavior, and other ecological concepts.
    Uniquely Utah What in the heck is so special about Utah? We’re glad you asked! Utah is home to geological wonders, intriguing traditions (green jello, anyone?), rich history, and a plethora of natural phenomena. Campers will live life elevated through hands-on experiments, outdoor exploration, and art activities. You will not want to sluff this camp!  
    Homegrown Eats Partner camp with EATS Park City. Eat local and support your roots in this experiential cooking camp! What may seem like small choices in our food can have a big impact on our climate. From comparing prices of local and non-local foods at the grocery store to special guest presenters, campers will get a firsthand look at what our community is doing to grow and eat local foods! Field trips for this camp will be dependent on COVID-19.
    Watershed Explorers Go ahead and dive in—the water’s fine!  Prepare for an adventure filled week as we explore our local watershed!  Campers will head to the Uinta Mountains, then go with the flow until we make it all the way to the Great Salt Lake.  Get ready to test and collect water quality data, visit a water treatment facility, and paddle a canoe on the Jordanelle Reservoir in this field trip packed session. Field trips for this camp will be dependent on COVID-19.
    Sustainable Adventure Partner camp with Recycle Utah. Calling all environmental activists, stewards, and those curious about how we treat our land! Swaner and Recycle Utah have joined forces again to make our planet green and clean!  Come explore the land and people of Summit County to learn about land, food, water, air, and energy. From understanding where our trash goes during a landfill tour to exploring the importance of clean water as we canoe on the Jordanelle, your camper will be the change they wish to see in the world. Field trips for this camp will be dependent on COVID-19.

    Full STEAM ahead

    Partner camp with Egyptian YouTheatre.  All the world’s a stage, so why not explore it?  STEM learning is more fun when art is in the mix, so join our science and drama specialists for a unique combination of drama, dance, music, and science exploration!  This is a partner camp with Egyptian YouTheatre and Swaner.  The camp will be based at the Swaner EcoCenter. 

    Counselors in Training

    This program is designed for 7th and 8th graders who are interested in making the jump from camper to counselor.  CITs will learn about the skills necessary to be a leader.  You’ll get the opportunity to work with younger campers and show them just how excited you are about camps at Swaner!  This camp includes a youth-selected field trip on Wednesday and a team-building ropes course experience on Friday, as well as group activities each day. Field trips for this camp will be dependent on COVID-19.

     For information on counselor and leadership opportunities for high school students, please visit the Camp Counselor page.

    Please enroll your child based upon what grade they will enter in Fall 2021.
    For a full day experience, enroll your child in both the AM and PM sessions of camp.
    A supervised lunch and play time will be provided.

    AM = 9:00 am to 12:00 pm          PM = 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm          All Day = 9:00 am to 4:00 pm



    Date Time Theme Cost
    SOLD OUT/June 14-18 AM EcoExplorers


    SOLD OUT/June 21-25 AM Nature Sensation $145

    SOLD OUT /

    June 28-July 2

    AM Nitty Gritty Nature $145
    SOLD OUT / July 5-9 AM Rhythms of Nature $145
    SOLD OUT/July 12-16 AM EcoExplorers $145
    SOLD OUT/July 26-30 AM Nature Sensation $145
    SOLD OUT/August 9-13 AM Nitty Gritty Nature $145

     1st and 2nd Grade

    Date Time Theme Cost
    SOLD OUT/June 14-18 AM Outdoor Exploration $145
    SOLD OUT/June 14-18 PM Down to a Science $145
    SOLD OUT/June 21-25  AM Creature Feature $145
    SOLD  OUT/June 21-25 PM Wild Sprouts $145
    SOLD OUT/July 5-9 AM Nature Scene Investigators $145
    SOLD OUT/July 5-9 PM Nature’s Fury $145
    SOLD OUT/July 19-23 AM Creature Feature $145
    SOLD OUT/July 19-23 PM Wild Sprouts $145
    SOLD OUT/July 26-30 AM Insect Invasion $145
    SOLD OUT/July 26-30 PM Creatures of the Night $145
    SOLD OUT/August 2-6 AM Outdoor Exploration $145
    SOLD OUT/August 2-6 PM Down to a Science $145
    SOLD OUT/August 9-13 AM Nature Scene Investigators $145
    SOLD OUT/August 9-13 PM Nature’s Fury $145

      3rd and 4th Grade

    Date Time Theme Cost


    June 28-July 2

    AM Wetland Warriors $145


    June 28-July 2

    PM Nature’s Builders $145
    SOLD OUT/July 12-16 AM Wildly Prepared $145
    SOLD OUT/July 12-16 PM Budding Birders $145
    SOLD OUT/July 19-23 AM Junior Naturalist $145
    SOLD OUT/July 19-23 PM Uniquely Utah $145
    SOLD OUT/August 2-6 AM Wildly Prepared $145
    SOLD OUT/August 2-6 PM Budding Birders $145
    SOLD OUT/August 9-13 PM Wetland Warriors $145

    4th - 6th Grade

    Date Time Theme Cost
    SOLD OUT/June 21-25 All day Homegrown EATS (w/EATS Park City)  $300


    June 28-July 2

    All day Watershed Explorers $300
    SOLD OUT/July 12-16 All day Sustainable Adventure (w/Recycle Utah) $300
    SOLD OUT/July 26-30 All day Full STEAM Ahead (w/Egyptian YouTheatre) $300

    7th and 8th Grade

    Date Time Theme Cost
    SOLD OUT / August 2-6 All day Counselors in Training $300

    Sandhill Society and Family-level members of the Swaner Preserve and EcoCenter receive the benefit of early registration for summer camp 2021!  In order to receive early member registration access, you must purchase your membership by February 28, 2021 at 5:00 pm.  Any member registrations received after this time will not be eligible for early registration access.  This allows Swaner staff time to process new memberships and to ensure adequate time to share early registration instructions.

    Eligible members will receive an email with an early access code about one week prior registration opening via email.  If you feel that you mistakenly did not receive the early access code, please contact Katherine Veeder at (435)797-8942 or  Early access codes are intended only for Sandhill Society and Family-level members.

    Please do not share codes with friends or extended family members.  Any registrations made using early access code without a current, eligible membership will be cancelled without notice, and you will lose your spot.  You may not register children who are not your dependents during early registration.

    Sandhill Society members Monday, March 22nd at 9 AM
    Swaner Family-level members Wednesday, March 24th at 9 AM

    Financial Aid
    Tuition waivers are available on a first come, first served basis.  To apply for a tuition waiver, please fill out an online application.  You will receive an update about your application within 1 week of receipt.  If you have any questions, please contact Katherine Veeder at (435)797-8942 or  

    Cancellations and Refunds
    If you cancel more than 2 weeks before the first day of camp, you will be refunded, less a $30 administrative fee per camp/camper.  If you cancel two weeks or less before the first day of camp, you will receive a refund (minus the $30 fee mentioned above) only if your spot can be filled from the waitlist.  If your spot cannot be filled, you will not receive a refund.  No refunds are given for days missed during camp.  

    Please pay very close attention when registering for summer camp.  There are multiple camps each week for different aged youth.  When registering, please make sure to select the camp with the correct date, age range, and time for your child.  Cancellations due to registration errors are subject to the standard cancellation policy.

    Cancellations due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic will be subject to the standard refund policy, unless program cancellation is required by the state of Utah, Summit County, Utah State University, or other health officials/entities.

    Katherine Veeder

    Name: Katherine Veeder

      Position: Director of Education


      Phone: 435-797-8942 

    A special thanks to our camp partners

    Eats Park City

    Egyptian You Theatre

    Recycle Utah Logo USU Extension


    A special thanks to our camp sponsors

    The Antablin Family

    Chevron Park City Community Foundation Park City Sunrise Rotary