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    Rent a GPS at the Swaner EcoCenter and look for hidden geocaches on the Preserve.  Outdoor fun for all ages! 



    What is Geocaching?Geocaching

    Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunt using a GPS-enabled device.  Participants navigate to a specific set of coordinates to find a geocache that has been hidden at that location.  A typical cache can be a small waterproof container with a logbook or log sheet where the geocacher enters name and date, or a large container such as an ammunition box that contains small inexpensive toys or trinkets for trading along with the logbook and interesting information about the Preserve.  See below for details about geocaches.

    General Information

    • Offered May - October
    • A fun activity for all ages.  Beginners welcome!
    • Swaner's geocaches are ranked by degree of difficulty with "easy" rankings most appropriate for families with younger children.
    • There are seven caches hidden on the Preserve:  three caches south of I-80 around the Swaner wetlands (outside Swaner's private property fence line), and four caches north of I-80 in the sagebrush uplands section of the Preserve.
    • All seven of Swaner's geocaches can be accessed at any time.

    Info for Large Groups

    • Please stick to the trails or bike path during your search even though the GPS will show the most direct route, guiding you straight to the cache.  As long as you are going in the general direction, know that you will get to the cache without having to walk through sensitive plant and wildlife habitat.
    • Be aware of plants and wildlife in the area and respect their space.
    • Obey signs that indicate sensitive nesting areas.
    • Be aware of other trail users.  All geocaches are positioned slightly off-trail so geocachers will not be in the way of through traffic (i.e. mountain bikers, hikers, and other trail users).
    • Do not leave trash behind (Cache In, Trash Out).

    Garmin eTrex 20 GPS's can be rented at the Swaner EcoCenter during our public open hours.  A brief lesson will be given for those who have never geocached before or for those needing a refresher course.

    Daily Rental Costs

    • Members:  $5/unit
    • Non-Members:  $10/unit

    *Our GPS's can only be used on the Swaner Preserve.*Prices are for a single-day rental (within EcoCenter hours).  An additional full-day fee will be charged for late returns.

    • A credit card hold is required for all GPS unit rentals.
    • The renter must be 18 years of age or older.
    • GPS's are rented on a first-come-first-served basis.
    • Call the swaner EcoCenter at 435-649-1767 to inquire about the availability of our GPS units

    Thank you to our sponsors for supporting the creation of this program!

    The Marriott Daughters Foundation & 

    PC Rotary Club Logo

    Jennie Groves Name: Hunter Klingensmith

     Position: EcoHost and Program Leader


     Phone: 435-649-1767