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    Would you like to see your impact continue to live on at the Swaner Preserve and EcoCenter? When those who love nature and science join forces, they can build a healthier future for the next generation.

    Swaner Preserve consists of 1,200 acres of rare and critical habitat on the entryway to Park City. Wild spaces, like the Swaner Preserve, are constantly being impacted by outside forces. In order to retain their special value to wildlife, our community, and our water and air quality, they need a helping hand.

    Swaner Preserve’s Conservation Endowment is that helping hand. This endowment will ensure restoration, research, and a home for native wildlife on the Swaner Preserve in perpetuity.

    Can you make an environmental impact today?


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    Swaner Preserve Conservation Endowment
    Founding Members


    Gates Frontier Foundation

    John C. Kish Foundation

    David Moore and Suzanne Pierce-Moore

    Steve and Melina Nicolatus

    Jennifer Speers

    The Swaner Sargetakis Family

    Utah State University

    The Walbridge Fund


    Anonymous (1)
    The Antablin Family
    Richard and Michelle Blunck
    Neill and Linda Brownstein
    Bob and Mary Chamberlain
    Chuck and Carla Coonradt
    Brad and Janet Dickson
    In Memory of Carrie Dolmat-Connell
    Stephanie Dolmat and Conor Edberg
    Andy Fletcher
    Craig and Terri Foster
    Fox Point Community
    Goldman Sachs Gives
    Peggy and Peter Grisley
    Annette Herman-Harder and John Harder
    Grant and Kathy Hedges
    Jay Jackson and Barbara Waugh
    David and Janet Joss
    David and Alli Kizer
    Julie Monahan and Chris Lehman
    Christopher and Susan Lockwood
    The MacLaren Family
    The Mellor Family
    Drew and Lisa Potter
    Dale and Susan Poulter
    The Rothe Family
    Bob and Margeret Sloan
    Peter and Susan Stevens
    Thomas Charitable Fund, a Donor Advised Fund of The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust
    Bill and Donna Vogel


    Anonymous (6)
    Alpine Distilling
    Scott and Kathie Amann
    Graham Anthony
    Eric Balken
    Lynn Barck
    Bill and Julie Barrett
    Kathy Becker and David Maxfield
    Mary Bisbee
    Tom Bishop
    Ronald Blasé
    Sally and George Brooks
    Jane Burns
    Nick Burns
    Devrin Carlson-Smith
    Jess Cleeves
    Karen Coleman
    Frank and Leslie Corbett
    Andrew and Donna Cross
    Brian Cummings
    Susan Daniero 
    Tina DeCaria
    Mary and John Demkowicz
    Marilyn Dolmat
    Done to your Taste
    Adam and Dunja Drost
    Torch and Sally Elliott
    Matt and Emily Farinelli
    Franklin Templeton
    Walter Gallwas
    Dave Gebert
    Shireen Ghorbani
    TJ and Lindsay Gies
    Linda Gorton
    Marilee and Joseph Green
    Jim and Mary Lane Grisley
    Larry and Vicki Gwin
    Christopher Hamaway
    Dar Hendrickson and Leslie Thatcher
    Deno and Lisa Himonas
    Brittany Ingalls
    Diane Jamail
    Lucy and Ben Jensen
    Raquel Johnson

    Laurie Zeller and Matthew Kaiser
    Karen Schieble
    Rich Klein and Mary Cowan Klein
    Dan Larson and Victoria Wirth
    Leslie Masters and Bob Martin
    Eric and Alessa Maw
    Sarabess Mercer
    Janene Muller
    Holly Nagie
    Chris Neville and Carolyn Wawra
    Lisa and Tim O'Brien
    Karen O'Driscoll
    Michael and Lauren O'Malley
    Jenny Oliver
    Ernest Oriente
    Sharen Hauri and Trevor Ortman
    Brent and Polly Phillips
    Patrick and Mare Piper
    Robert Reigrod and Sylvia McBrinn
    Rod and Sallie Rinderknecht
    Rebecca Roof
    Julie Rosenberg
    Diana Sabino Swaner
    Michele Sage
    Wendy Sanborn
    Laura Schmidt
    Jon and Penni Schumann
    Skip and Carole Sedivec
    Sharyn Jones
    Karen Shaw
    Lou Siegel and Nancy Samson
    Jennifer Strachan and Tom Biersbach
    Carolyn Suchala
    Nancy Tallman
    Rhonda Taubin
    Judith Terry
    Nancy Trunnell
    Dean and Jennifer Tutor
    Dawn and Gregg Vagstad
    Cathy Van Dyke
    Joseph and Elaine Weis
    William White
    Alev Wilk
    Jeremy Wilstein
    Elaine and Joel Zuckerman