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    Would you like to see your impact continue to live on at the Swaner Preserve and EcoCenter? When those who love nature and science join forces, they can build a healthier future for the next generation.

    Swaner Preserve consists of 1,200 acres of rare and critical habitat on the entryway to Park City. Wild spaces, like the Swaner Preserve, are constantly being impacted by outside forces. In order to retain their special value to wildlife, our community, and our water and air quality, they need a helping hand.

    Swaner Preserve’s Conservation Endowment is that helping hand. This endowment will ensure restoration, research, and a home for native wildlife on the Swaner Preserve in perpetuity.

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    Swaner Preserve Conservation Endowment
    Founding Members


    Gates Frontier Foundation

    Jennifer Speers

    John C. Kish Foundation

    David Moore and Suzanne Pierce-Moore

    Steve and Melina Nicolatus

    Swaner Sargetakis Family

    The Walbridge Fund

    Bob and Mary Chamberlain
    Stephanie Dolmat & Conor Edberg
    Andy Fletcher
    Craig & Terri Foster
    David & Janet Joss
    Dr. Nicole MacLaren & Family
    Dale and Susan Poulter
    Thomas Charitable Fund, a Donor Advised Fund of The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust


    Sally and George Brooks
    Jane Burns
    John and Mary Demkowicz
    Karen O'Driscoll
    Rich Klein & Mary Cowan Klein
    Dan Larson & Victoria Wirth
    Julie Rosenberg
    Lou Siegel & Nancy Samson
    Nancy Tallman
    Joel and Elaine Zuckerman